Serena Williams’ daughter passed out in dad’s arms is too adorable

Little Alexis Olympia is too cute it's irresistible

(Photo: Instagram)

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian have the cutest daughter.

On Wednesday, they posted a video clip of little 4-month-old Alexis Olympia passed out asleep in her father’s arms.

“Dealing with this jetlag like,” they captioned the video of the sleeping little one.

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It’s pretty much the most adorable thing we’ve seen all day.

Not that this family is any stranger to adorable videos. Most memorably, the two of them ended 2017 by posting a montage of cute family videos.

“My final top 10 moment of 2017. Of course includes @olympiaohanian they say save the best for last. I could not choose so I just choose 10 random videos. They all were so cute to me,” Williams wrote.

Dealing with this jetlag like…

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