Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s music video for their song Finesse pays homage to the sketch comedy series In Living Color and it’s getting plenty of support from those who were on the show.

The video just dropped on Wednesday and has Cardi B and Mars dancing on a stage that looks very similar to the iconic stage from In Living Color. There’s even some Fly Girl-inspired dance choreography.

Stars of the show such as the Wayans, Shawn, Kim, Damon and Marlon have all been showing love for the video since it came out.

They have taken to social media to share their excitement about the homage.

“What an amazing tribute to # In Living Color! Made me emotional. Thanks for the love, Bruno. I’m a big fan!” Kim Wayans posted on Twitter.

On Instagram, Marlon posted, “As an alumni of #inlivingcolor i must say this was doooope as f*ck.”

“Huge S/O to @BrunoMars & @iamcardib for this In Living Color tribute it was hot and we appreciate the love,” posted Shawn Wayans.

The show was on the air for five seasons from 1990-1994 and got an Emmy in 1990.

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A number of now-famous faces graced the series such as Kim Coles, Jim Carrey and Jamie Foxx. Many of the Fly Girls went on to have massive careers as well. To name just a few there were Jennifer Lopez, Rosie Perez and Laurie Ann Gibson.

On Twitter Mars thanked everyone for their support of the video, posting, “In Living Color was it growing up. Pop culture, comedy, fashion, dance and all y’all superstars.”

He went on to say, “There has never been another show like it.”