Are black people actually going to boycott H&M? These folks say “Yes.” (VIDEO)

They’ve had enough.  After an online advertisement from H&M featured a young black boy model in a “Coolest Monkey In the Jungle” sweatshirt, black Twitter and the interwebs clapped back hard.

The ad has been called racist, insensitive and just plain stupid, by many black consumers who say big retail brands like H&M should know better and do better.

–The Dummies Guide for Companies to Avoid Creating Racist Ads like H&M

But when the young model’s mother didn’t jump onboard the wave of outrage, a new wave of commenters questioned whether the black community should be still mad.

And if “monkey” sweatshirts are offensive, what about “A Bathing Ape” tees? Are we simply too sensitive?

With cheap, stylish clothing in locations across the country, (including right on 125th street in the heart of Harlem), would black folks actually speak with their dollars and boycott the brand to teach a lesson?

theGrio hit the streets of New York City to see who was still walking into the store and who promised to never come back.  Check out their reactions above!

–H&M posts Black child in racist monkey hoodie, barely apologizes