Photo of Meghan Markle as her high school’s homecoming queen surfaces

Proving she's more than ready for the crown.

A throwback picture from her high school homecoming shows she is more than ready to become royalty.

Megan Markle, prince harry,
(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Apparently Meghan Markle has always been ready for royalty.

In Style gushed over a throwback picture of Markle in a tiara at her high school homecoming, where she was, of course, crowned the queen. The picture surfaced recently and features the soon-to-be royal in a gorgeous blue dress, tiara, and necklace.

Now, she’s getting ready to trade in her homecoming royalty title for the real thing. In May, she’ll marry Britain’s Prince Harry, and you can bet that her new title will come with actual gems.

On the way to royalty

Markle and Prince Harry have been touring the United Kingdom ahead of the royal wedding, making public appearances together to the delight of everyone following their story. Their most recent stop, on Thursday, was in Wales, where they visited a 2,000-year-old castle.

While there, not only did the couple get to see the historic site but they marked another milestone in Markle’s introduction into her newly royal life: she received her first curtsy.

People magazine noted that a woman curtsied to Markle while introducing her and Prince Harry to the castle and was the first to bestow the honor onto Markle.

Megan Markle wants her mother to walk her down the aisle.

The curtsy is a sign of respect and deference to royalty, and as Markle is about to join the royal family, she’ll have to get used to seeing it around.

While public displays like curtsying is a new experience for Markle, she has already had plenty of practice to perfect her own. She reportedly curtsied to her soon-to-be grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth last month on Christmas Day, bowing her head in respect.

Like any modern bride, Markle has reportedly been extremely hands-on throughout the wedding planning process for her May 19 nuptials. Word on the street is she has already settled on her wedding dress designer and has weighed in on the menu for her big day at Windsor Castle.