Over the weekend, the White House released photos that purportedly show Trump hard at work. The photos were released with captions under the headline “Photos of President Donald J. Trump Working During the Democrat Shutdown.”

That is in interesting way to frame a government shutdown that occurred on the watch of a Republican president with a Republican majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Besides the misleading headline, social media users were quick to note that the photos do not actually seem to show Trump looking terribly busy. The photo of him with a phone up to his ear as he sits at a spotless desk in the Oval Office has inspired a litany of jokes from Twitter users.

One user even noted that unlike Trump, Stormy Daniels was actually busy over the weekend. Daniels is the adult film star who claims Trump paid her to keep quiet about a their alleged sexual affair during the time when Trump’s youngest son was a newborn.

What do you think: Is Donald Trump hard at work or hardly working?