Michael Wolff to Trevor Noah on Donald Trump: “Yeah, he’s stupid”

The author of Fire and Fury confirms what we already know of the president.

Michael Wolff and Trevor Noah. (Courtesy of Getty.)

On Monday night, Michael Wolff, the author of Fire and Fury, appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to confirm what his book suggests: Donald Trump is stupid.

Trump isn’t alone in his stupidity, either, according to Wolff.

Wolff told Trevor Noah that the people working in the White House were “the greatest bunch of knuckleheads I think that have ever been assembled in one place.”

“How did the knuckleheads roll with you for so long?” Noah asked.

“That’s how I got in, because they’re knuckleheads,” Wolff said. “I have a fairly large body of work, in which I’ve been nice to nobody ever. They seemed never to have read anything that I had written.”

But even the “knuckleheads” know that Trump isn’t fit to be president, Wolff said.

“I think everyone in the White House would agree that Trump is someone who should not be President,” Wolff told Noah. “I am not saying… anything controversial: The President of the United States is surrounded by people who believe he should not have this job.”

Will the real President please stand up

Wolff also claimed on the Daily Show that Trump was no master of the deal, as he claimed to be on the campaign trail.

In fact, Wolff said, Trump “never negotiates anything.”


“He can’t even read a balance sheet. In his business career, he’s the guy going on television; other people are doing the negotiating. Donald Trump does not negotiate. He does not do any of the kinds of things he told us he did. He’s not a businessman; he’ s a television performer,” Wolff said.

This, of course, prompted Noah to ask Wolff who the “real president” was if Trump was only performing.

Wolff pointed to Trump’s remaining two “senior advisers,” “a young woman by the name of Hope Hicks who is a former junior fashion PR person,” and Stephen Miller.

Wolff ended the interview by plugging his book and hinting that Fire and Fury revealed Trump was having an affair in the White House, even if he didn’t say as much outright.

“Just read between the lines,” Wolff said. “It’s there.”