Beyonce, Jay Z and Warren Buffett all doing the Roc Nation symbol (Bosspin/Wire Image)

It seems Jay-Z is looking to nail down all of his many revenue streams. The rap mogul is reportedly trying to trademark the Roc-A-Fella diamond hand symbol that he made famous.

Jay-Z has now filed legal documents in order to obtain the exclusive rights to the diamond hand symbol, the one he has been flashing around for many years now. Other habitual hand symbol flashers are some in his crew such as Kanye and of course his wife the ever-famous Beyonce.

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He applied for the trademark in order to use the hand sign in a number of different entertainment services. These include TV, music, video or film.

He was actually sued over the symbol back in 2005 by Diamond Dallas Page but he settled that lawsuit out of court. Following that case, Diamond Dallas Page did not seek to get a trademark on the hand symbol.

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Most people have always thought of the diamond hand symbol as belonging to Jay-Z but now it looks like it’s going to become official.

Don’t get confused and start to think this is the same sign that the members of Delta Sigma Theta have been throwing up, while there are similarities, there are also differences. It’s also not the sign of the Illuminati as some would have you think. While they might control the world they certainly can’t own Jay-Z.

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Jay is also looking to have his company S. Carter Enterprises trademark the Paper Planes clothing company. He is looking to expand the brand with, most likely, Emory Jones heading things up. His trademarking trend doesn’t end there either, however. He is also thinking of trademarking a fast food outfit called Hovino.

He already has the exclusive 40/40 Club but is looking to venture out into the takeaway business with his own chain.