LOVE! Jay-Z, Beyonce & Tina Lawson doing the ‘Electric Slide’ is so damn Black

The Carter family is caught on camera busting some classic moves

Everybody loves to do the Electric Slide, including the Carter family.

JAY-Z, Beyoncé and Tina Lawson were caught on camera doing the popular dance, and it’s one of the cutest (and Blackest) things we’ve seen all week.

Birthday Bash

Apparently, the family was celebrating Solange Knowles‘ son, Juelz, who just had a birthday recently.

We’re pretty sure there’s no better way to celebrate a day like this than to have a dance party, especially with Queen Bey and JAY-Z. Not to mention, everybody loves to dance to Frankie Beverly & Maze.

Check out the footage of the Electric Slide below.

Beyoncé, JAY-Z, Ms. Tina & Richard Lawson dancing at Julez’s birthday party.

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