What happens when you’re 84 years old, a legendary music producer and have not a d*mn worry in sight?  The Quincy Jones interview with Vulture, that’s what!

Between spilling secrets about Michael Jackson, Ivanka Trump and Richard Pryor, this journalist hit the jackpot of interviews sitting down with Mr. Jones.

We read it, analyzed it and got some receipts to show that Quincy means what he says.  Check out the piece here.

–Here are the juicy bits from the tell-all Quincy Jones interview

California just may have the right idea when it comes to righting some wrongs from the War On Drugs.  Programs are giving people formerly convicted of marijuana-related charges, a chance to run their own weed dispensaries.

Considering just how many black and low-income people have been targeted, and harshly punished over marijuana offenses, it seems like the least they can do.

Read more here.

And lastly, Trumps just keep trumping themselves with weird logic.  Check out why Donald Trump Jr. says his daddy just can’t be racist right here. (Heads up, you probably won’t agree).

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