WATCH: Chadwick Boseman gets Valentine card from little Black girl on ‘GMA’ and it’s pure cuteness

The 'Black Panther' star was all smiles when this young fan surprised him in the most adorable way.

(Photo: GMA)

It’s a big week for Chadwick Boseman, as the wait is almost over for his highly anticipated Marvel film Black Panther, which hits theaters on Friday.

But while promoting the action-packed superhero movie on Good Morning America, Boseman got an unexpected surprise: a Valentine’s Day card from a young, adorable fan.

The little Black girl, dressed in a Black Panther costume, grinned from ear to ear as she walked over to give the pink-shaped heart to the actor during the live morning program.

Even cuter was Boseman’s genuinely flattered reaction. It’s seriously the cutest thing.