Wendy Williams reveals she has Graves’ disease

We finally know what's wrong with her.

On Wednesday morning, Wendy Williams told viewers of her show that she had been diagnosed the Graves' disease.

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On Wednesday morning, Wendy Williams told viewers of her show that she had been diagnosed with Graves’ disease.

The autoimmune disease affects the thyroid and can also affect the muscles behind the eyeballs. Viewers noticed this and other symptoms manifested by Williams in the last few days where she seemed to have twitchy eyes on the air, according to the New York Daily News.

Williams explained that other symptoms included anxiety, weight loss, moist hands, difficulty swallowing, and a feeling that Williams described as “like birds are swimming around my head.”


“Like constantly high. But not high. But constantly on one, you know?” she said.

While she didn’t directly say that her diagnosis could also be related to her infamous Halloween fainting spell, she did say that one of her symptoms was an intolerance to heat. During her taping last year, Williams fainted on-air and later explained after a commercial break that she had overheated while dressed in her Statue of Liberty costume.

Taking time off

After taking three days off last week recuperating from flu-like symptoms, Williams revealed that her doctor has recommended she take a three-week vacation.

She said that she was “pissed” about having to take the time off, because “I come from working class.”

Williams has often prided herself on her perfect attendance record and “thoroughbred” mentality, though lately, it’s become increasingly clear that the 53-year old needs to take some time to concentrate on her health and well-being.


On Friday, when her show was airing reruns, Williams took to Instagram to express how much she wanted to get back to work.

“I guess when you don’t take a sick day EVER in over 25 years, the ground is supposed to shake! LOL,” she wrote, adding, “I ride or die for my craft. I appreciate all the tremendous love and support from everyone – especially my incredible staff. I’m hydrating this bug out. I will be back Monday and topics will be POPPING!! Miss u all.”

(Courtesy of The Wendy Williams Show)