‘Defend your rights’ Killer Mike wants Black people buy guns and resist tyranny

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When Killer Mike has something to say you best believe it’s going to make you think.

The outspoken and politically conscious rapper took to Instagram to post a photo of an AR-15 and wrote:

“To be very frank, As a member of a group of Americas who have only been free 54 yrs I don’t trust the people who run the country [enough] to relinquish my god given right to hunt my own food, defend my own life and resist tyranny by violent means if necessary. 

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“No American [should]. No Black Americans especially. This message has nothing to do with our current debate but rather to say to Black women and men in particular, buy a rifle, train weekly, vote for those that agree with your right to do so.”

“Wakanda ain’t real,” he continued, referring to Marvel’s epic blockbuster Black Panther, “but The Black Wall Street, Rosewood, The Atlanta Riots (1906) and a 100 yr lynching campaign were. Defend your rights or lose them. Love and Respect to all! #RobertFWilliams tried to teach y’all better. The Real black panthers were not unarmed.”

The response

Killer Mike received an outpouring of responses from those who agreed and disagreed with his position on gun rights and African-Americans. 

“Yes do not allow these incidents to deter you from owning guns. They allowed this to escalate,” wrote @l0ve365. 

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“Mike, You Don’t have to surrender your right to protect yourself,” wrote @spaceliberace, “but we must work Together, Black Americans, Brown Americans, All Americans, to prevent Obscenely Dangerous weaponry from easily falling into the hands of psycopaths who want to hunt and kill Schoolchildren. We can have Both. Fighting for a better regulation is not fighting to Unarm Americans.”

And others were completely enraged: “After this im deleting your ignorant a** @killermike,” wrote a third. “[A]pparently your want to own weapons of war trump my kids right to be safe at school. all that wisdom you try to preach and then this??” they continued. “Tell me you going in the woods to hunt with that shit?? Nope!! your just another statistic that keeps the racism going.”

Playing politics

Killer Mike was a huge Bernie Sanders supporter during the 2016 election campaign and remains politically active.

On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration, Killer Mike packed a huge crowd into the Echostage nightclub and spoke out about the state of the country.

“I just want to tell everyone who worked that campaign, or who works any campaign, that, at the end of the day, no politician is your ruler, or your master, or your lord,” he said. “These people work for us. We do not work for them.

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“No matter who won, the day after tomorrow, this is our motherf***ing country,” he continued. “Who gives a f*** who is president? And what we will build or keep this republic going on is truth, honesty, integrity, love and democracy.”

Killer Mike has also had a message for white allies who want to help fight the power.

“Go outside of your white liberal, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant circle,” he told white allies. “Go find other people and become a part of movements that you don’t lead. Go become a part of movements in which you have to learn from the people who have endured this ― since Reagan, since Nixon ― and you will start to see what they have had to do to thrive and survive. And you guys will learn and you guys will devise strategies together.”