Gun Reform

Many of us simply cannot relate to the pain, anguish and terror that anyone involved in a school shooting experiences.
/ July 21, 2022
After the July Fourth mass shooting in Highland Park near Chicago, you just might think, “How many more times?”
/ July 11, 2022
A recent Los Angeles Times headline asked if California was “ready for more Black people to legally carry guns in public.”
/ July 11, 2022
The Senate on Thursday easily approved a bipartisan gun violence bill that seemed unthinkable just a month ago.
/ June 23, 2022
Because of my numerous excursions into the world of whiteness, I was not troubled when I covered a gun show sponsored by RK Shows.
/ June 22, 2022
If there’s anything Americans of all political persuasions and every race should unite around, it is the reasonable gun safety measures.
/ June 16, 2022
We the people need to fight back and demand our congressional leaders act to bring about common-sense gun reform.
/ June 7, 2022