Big Boi’s got a big heart. The Atlanta rapper invited Patients of Loving Arms Hospice in Atlanta and their family members to a showing of the mega-hit Black Panther.

Outkast’s Antwan “Big Boi” Patton and his company Celebrity Trailers bought out Stonecrest Theaters Friday morning, according to Fox 5. Celebrity Trailers co-owner Janice Ahmed said that this was personal to both herself and Big Boi, since they both have had family members in hospice.

“It touches his heart because his family are on hospice as well,” she said. “And he wanted to get his family out to go ahead and still enjoy life.”

She said that they wanted the patients to come out and enjoy themselves since Black Panther was “so big and groundbreaking.”

Big Boi and his crew took care of everything from the transportation to theater, tickets and snacks.

Doing the work

And when it comes to his career Big Boi’s making big things happen there as well. The rapper and actor and can be seen on the BET drama, The Quad in a guest-starring role, according to CNN.

He will play an obnoxious father of a high school football player on the popular BET drama.

Big Boi told CNN the role was a natural fit—minus the obnoxious part.

“It’s a real instance of art imitating life,” Big Boi said. “My son on the show is a star football player, which in real life my son is a star football player for Woodward Academy [in Atlanta, Georgia].”


In addition to his role in “The Quad,” Big Boi is currently in production with a role in the forthcoming Superfly, a remake of 1970s cult-classic black film.

The new movie, helmed by Director X, also stars Grown-ish actor Trevor Jackson and Straight Outta Compton star Jason Mitchell.

Big Boi says he enjoys playing roles that allow him to spread his wings. “You get to become someone else, bringing that character to life and entertaining people,” he said. “A lot of directors let me do ad-libbing. Most of my lines in [the 2006 film] ‘ATL’ were not scripted, they were just my lines.”

He’s also on tour now promoting his latest album “Boomiverse” and producing two animated projects.