Marlon Wayans on his Netflix special, ‘Woke-ish’: ‘It’s a little raw’

After years of acting on the dramatic and comedy sides, he's taking a stab at standup

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After three decades of working in comedy either alongside members of his family, or with other ensembles, Marlon Wayans is finally ready to take the spotlight on his own.

The In Living Color, and The Wayans Bros. alum is starring in his first stand-up special, Woke-ish, which which debuted Monday on Netflix.

“Everybody has their own time for doing things, and I just have a different, kind of weird road,” Wayans told Variety. “As much as I’ve done, I just want to get better. I want to be the best me, and I don’t want to skip steps. I started [stand-up] from the bottom and worked my way back up to see what type of artist developed.”

Wednesday during a segment on The Today Show, Wayans confessed to Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb how he came up with the name for his comedy special.

“I called it Woke-ish because I’m kind of woke, but not really,” admitted Wayans, who recently took a run at the prime time sitcom game with his NBC show, Marlon. “I talk about all the hot topics of today with a funny spin.”

Despite the spin, the co-hosts couldn’t share a clip with the viewing audience because the material was too raw and edgy for daytime television.

“We couldn’t show any clips though from the Netflix series,” Hoda told the comedian.

“Because they’re naughty,” Kathie Lee chimed in.

“It is Netflix,” Wayans reminds them. “So you get to be a little raw.”

Check out the full interview at Variety.