Naomie Harris is more than just an Oscar-nominated actress, she’s also known as a beautiful fashionista from the UK that many await to see on the red carpet.

And Paris Fashion Week didn’t disappoint.

On Wednesday, the 41-year-old stunner walked the red carpet at H&M’s Autumn/Winter 2018 PFW dinner and went barefoot. 

Clearly Naomie Harris is making her own head-turning fashion statement!

Naomie Harris arrived in what the DailyMail referred to as a “typically chic” black dress. And initially, she reportedly arrived wearing black suede boots but had ditched them by the time she walked down the red carpet.

And yes, the toes were painted black, too.

Her surprising red carpet appearance was a far cry from the crack addict character that she played in Moonlight, a gritty performance for which she snagged a Best Supporting nomination and Best Picture win.

“I didn’t want to play a crack addict,” Naomie Harris told The Telegraph. “I feel that there are enough negative portrayals of women in general, and black women in particular.”

“I grew up with this really strong mother—really intelligent, powerful, independent—and I’ve always admired her,” Harris continued. “She was part of a group of powerful women as well. I very rarely saw those women represented them. So I initially said no to the role.’

Harris had her first breakout role as Eve Moneypenny in 2012’s Skyfall alongside Daniel Craig as James Bond.

“I couldn’t have been happier that we cast her in the movie, because she brought something to it. She’s incredibly physical and she can do all the action stuff, but beyond that she’s a remarkable actress,” Craig, who plays James Bond, said during an interview with theGrio.

Naomie Harris also starred alongside Idris Elba in 2013’s Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom and told TheGrio that she had a chance to dine with Winnie Mandela prior to filming.

“I went to dinner with her and it was really great actually,” Harris said. “I wanted to know how she wanted me to play her and she said ‘the most important thing to me is that you’re authentic. You’ve done your research so I trust you to create the character as you see fit and to represent me as you see fit.’ So she really allowed me the liberty to do what I wanted with the character and I am definitely grateful to her for that.”