Stacey Dash shouts out her South Bronx roots, turns to Twitter for campaign donations

The controversial ex-Fox news commentator looks to the BX as she seeks cash

She’s sassy, she’s from the Bronx and she wants you to throw some money to her latest endeavor. No, it’s not Cardi B. Interestingly enough, it’s Stacey Dash.

The Clueless actress has been a mainstay in the tabloids for the past few years for her staunchly conservative views. She even had a three-year stint as a Fox News contributor, but was fired in January 2017, notably after using an expletive on-air while she talked about President Obama.

In the past few months, Dash has thrown shade at Oprah, questioned the #MeToo movement, and drawn the ire of singer Seal. Her latest grab for headlines is that she’s running for Congress out of California as a Republican.

Given that, it might be easy for people to forget that Dash is actually from the Boogie Down Bronx.  She reminded people of this fact as she acknowledged one man’s donation and note to her.

We’re not sure who this man is or who he believes Dash will keep “free,” but…okay. The actress and occasional pundit has spent the past day blasting out tweets about donating to her campaign.

The district Dash is running to represent encompasses numerous areas, including a few well-known, economically challenged communities such as Compton and Watts. Some Dash detractors spread rumors that Dash lives in Beverly Hills and not even in her district.


Anne Dunsmore, a senior campaign advisor to Dash, tried to set the record straight in an interview with The Wrap.

“Just because she was in ‘Clueless’ doesn’t mean she is clueless. And she doesn’t live in Beverly Hills,” Dunsmore said. She claimed, Dash lives in South Gate, “one of several largely Latino cities in California’s predominantly blue-collar 44th Congressional District.”