Will Seattle Seahawks trade Michael Bennett because he won’t shut up and block?

NFL star Michael Bennett (Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images)

Kobe Bryant made a powerful statement during his Oscar acceptance speech. The former NBA Lakers player revealed, “As basketball players, we’re really just supposed to shut up and dribble.” That statement seems to be a common theme, carried out throughout the sports industry overall.

And now, some are wondering if the Seattle Seahawks want Michael Bennett to just shut up and block.

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Reports are circulating that Seattle Seahawks defensive player Michael Bennett may be approaching the end of his tenure on the NFL team—but for a reason completely unrelated to his performance on the field.

Getting political

In 2016, the Michael Bennett was subject to a violent encounter with the Las Vegas police, after leaving a Floyd Mayweather fight. Bennett says that the officers threatened to “blow his head off” and he believed the police used excessive force and racially profiled him.

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In August of 2017, Michael Bennett also explained why he chose to sit during The National Anthem. He hoped that his season-long protest would help raise awareness about racial injustice, like former San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick.  

The Seahawks take notice

According to The Bleacher Report, during an NFL Network’s Up to the Minute segment, sports analyst Ian Rapoport said that “it’s pretty clear that Bennet’s time with the Seahawks is up.”

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“From what I understand, the Seahawks are looking to move him,” Rapoport said. “One of their core defensive players over the last several years. Production has been really no question here, but this is a team that’s trying to maybe quiet things down a little bit compared to over the last couple years.”

So essentially they want Michael Bennett to stop talking about issues that matter most to him and just play football.