DJ Envy explains why he stormed out of heated on-air interview

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The comedic duo of Desus & Mero pushed DJ Envy to the edge in a heated exchange on The Breakfast Club that caused the radio host to leave in the middle of an interview.

DJ Envy confronted Desus & Mero about what he felt where disrespectful comments they made about his wife. That resulted in a heated exchange with the two even apologizing to Envy for crossing the line with their comments. But that wasn’t good enough for Envy and he pressed them about the issue, which continued to get both sides boiling in debate.

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 The Breakfast Club co-host eventually walked out of the interview on his own show.

Envy tells TMZ he’s cool with Desus and Mero now but he had to address the disrespect that lodged against his wife Gia Casey, on their Viceland show.

Desus & Mero took to their Viceland platform to respond to all of the drama, mocking Envy’s antics saying they were met with nothing but “nothing but light skin feelings,” from the moment they entered the show.

Co-host Charlemagne tha God laughed at the whole heated exchange.

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Charlamagne, DJ Envy get dragged over ignorant Amara La Negra interview

The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy are being dragged yet again on Twitter over a controversial interview with Amara La Negra, in which they diminished her struggles with colorism as an Afro-Latina.

During the exchange, the breakout Love & Hip-Hop: Miami star touched on her identity as a Afro-Latina, explaining the difficulties she’s faced in trying to be accepted in the entertainment business as a dark-skinned Latina.

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“They’ll always pick the lighter–the ones who look like J.Lo–before they look at us. Who cares if you’re talented? Who’s cares if you’re educated? You’re always going to be the last option,” Amara explained.

The singer also shared that she was once turned down by a Latin soap opera over her skin color, and told that she would be considered if the show explored roles for a prostitute, gangster or a slave.

Check out the full interview below.