Chadwick Boseman to host SNL

Wakanda and Cardi B will take over SNL on April 7th

Chadwick Boseman attends the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Chadwick Boseman is about to bring his sexy vibe and his vibranium to NYC as the Black Panther hosts Saturday Night Live on April 7, reports TVline.

Boseman, took to Twitter to tweet, “See you soon!” revealing his upcoming comedy show appearance and if that’s not enough to make you clutch your cowrie shells, his musical guest with be the animated hip-hop break-out star Cardi B – red bottoms and all.

So get your DVR’s set and your late-night outfits laid out because it’s going to be a party!

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Boseman has been making money moves since the Black Panther movie dropped and obliterated the box office. Now in its fifth week out, it’s still the number one stunner. Forbes reports that Black Panther is the first movie since Avatar to do at least five straight weekends and only the fourth movie to do so in 20 years alongside Titanic, Avatar and The Sixth Sense.

We’ll def be up waiting for our black knight to conquer Saturday Night!

Wakanda Comic Series

The Dora Milaje and their black girl magic are being turned into a comic book series thanks to the enormous success of the Black Panther movie. Now we’ll get a deeper look into the lives of the fierce women warriors holding things down in the world of Wakanda.

According to the Hollywood ReporterMarvel Entertainment has enlisted the help of Nigerian award winning writer Nnedi Okorafor to pen the tale of the all-female bodyguard who are the backbone of Wakanda and ferocious protectors of King T’Challa. Okorafor looks forward to bringing the story to life.

“I’m super excited about writing this storyline. Powerful disciplined African women with futuristic spears who faced their shortcomings and changed a nation? Oh heck yeah, I’m so there,” Okorafor told Vogue, which initially broke the news of the new series. “Fans of the Dora Milaje can look forward to seeing them out in the world beyond T’Challa and the Wakandan throne’s shadow. They’ll get to see the Dora Milaje come into their own, while teaming up with the unexpected.”

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Okorafora says the storyline will center around the Dora Milaje’s life outside of the Wakanda Kingdom. Can you imagine the kiss-ass ladies kicking it in Manhattan? The story will venture outside of Wakanda when a threat born in the African nation ends up surfacing in the New York City borough.

If you watched Black Panther then you were likely captivated by the strength and overall badass-ness of the all-women Wakandan army, Dora Milaje. What you may not know is that the five-women crew–led by Danai Gurira‘s character Okoye–is actually based on a real tribe of fighters known as the Dahomey Amazons.

There will be three stand-alone issues on newstatnds and in comic book stores: Wakanda Forever: Amazing Spider-Man, illustrated by Alberto Jimenez AlbuerquerqueWakanda Forever: X-Men and Wakanda Forever: Avengers.

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The publisher, editor Will Moss said in a statement, “We’re lucky to have Nnedi on board for this — she’s an incredible novelist, and her recent Black Panther: Long Live the King digital series proved that she’s a great comic book writer too. She’s come up with a crazy-tough problem for the Dora Milaje to solve — but if anyone can, it’s these crazy-tough women.”

Get ready for Wakanda Forever: Amazing Spider-Man No. 1 will be released digitally and in comic book stores June 27.