Black Athletes are celebrating their victories with ‘Black Panther’s’ “Wakanda Forever” Salute

Even pro-athletes have joined the global Wakandan diaspora

Sachia Vickery (YouTube)

Marvel’s Black Panther is the gift that just keeps on giving.

After grossing more than $1 billion in less than a month, the latest sign of the film’s cultural impact is how it’s shown up during sporting events.

Social media has taken note of how black athletes have started celebrating their victories by reenacting the “Wakanda Forever” salute featured in the film.

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The first athletes spotted using the signal were Jesse Lingard and Paul Pogba of Manchester United, who did the Wakanda salute at a match against Chelsea on February 25th.

Last week week the salute also crossed over into the tennis world at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California.

Thursday, French player Gaël Monfils commemorated his victory over Matthew Ebden with the salute. The following day, American player Sachia Vickery, who is currently ranked #100 in the world, stunned fans by beating #3-ranked Garbiñe Muguruza of Spain.

She too, celebrated with the gesture and confirmed during an interview with WTA Insider that it was from Black Panther:

“That was definitely Wakanda Forever,” Vickery said. “I’m so obsessed with the movie. It’s taking over my life. I have seen it four times already. Literally, I’m obsessed. I have watched it twice here. I may just keep watching it because it’s been working out so well for me.”

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After Monfils won again on Sunday, he spoke about what Black Panther meant to him saying:

“I think that movie is great. It’s great for the community, for our community, it means quite a lot. It’s not just a sign, it’s everything. It’s everything going on, and definitely a shout-out saying I’m supporting the Black Panther’s community.”

Black Panther is uniting people all over the African diaspora, and we’re here for it!

Check out the clips below.

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