Ne-Yo calls on men to be real in relationships, but gets some sideeye

The singer says its part of his growth, but after a public breakup a while back, some skeptics remain

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Ne-Yo says he’s trying to grow but the world is not quite ready to let his past go, after the singer posted a message calling for more men to be faithful.

“We Gotta Make Being Faithful to One Woman Cool Again Like 90’s R & B Songs.That Kind of Love Needs to Come Back Because This Grown Boy Stuff is Corny,” he wrote on Instagram.

That call-to-action didn’t go over well on the ‘gram and Internet trolls reminded him that his past relationship with Atlanta Exes star, Monyetta Shaw just may prove that he doesn’t know how to follow his own advice.

The Champagne Life singer ended a relationship with Shaw, leaving her struggling with coming to terms that he no longer wanted them to be an item. To add insult to an already bruised ego, Ne-Yo quit Shaw in the worst way — he broke up with her on social media.

Shaw has two children with the singer and admitted on Atlanta Exes that she tied her tubes after they both agreed that neither one of them would have more kids.

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Ne-Yo has since married Crystal Renay in 2016 and the couple now have two children together.

The backlash is real

Nevertheless, The Champagne Life singer’s attempt at being a life coach fell short.

Posting about being a good monogamous man some had people clapping back at Ne-Yo’s claim.

“I know Neyo of all people is not preaching this Good Man Season.. drop your album and go,” said @_jessicawinter on Twitter.

“grown ass men like ne-yo saying shit like they’re “trying to grow up” when they’re pushing 40 years old. how embarrassing,” tweeted @baeElectronica.

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And others offered up some support for the effort:

“In a perfect world this would generate the respect it deserves unfortunately this world doesn’t respect respecting themselves! Even through backlash thank God somebody gets it and dares too post it! ???,” said nadynezworld on Instagram.

Realizing how much he was catching heat for his message, Ne-Yo wrote:

neyo Excuse my rant. But the ignorance needs to be put to rest. Much love to those out there trying to evolve. #GoodManSeason” he wrote on Instagram.


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