It’s Official: ‘Black Panther’ is the most tweeted about movie of all time

Looks like Ryan Coogler’s mega-hit Black Panther has broken yet another record!

Tuesday, Twitter confirmed that Marvel’s latest offering has been tweeted about more than 35 million times. That pushes it ahead of the previous record-holder, Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015); 2017’s The Last Jedi now ranks third.

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Black Panther is now the first film to top the box office in North America five straight weekends since Avatar in 2009, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It boasts a domestic gross of more than $607 million and $1.2 billion internationally. Within the next week, it is expected to pass 2012’s the Avengers as the all-time highest-grossing superhero film.

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Wakanda buzz still growing

Not surprisingly, chatter about all things Wakanda was most prevalent in the United States, followed by the U.K. and Thailand.

This is the first (but likely not the last) of Marvel’s films directed by an African-American and marks the largest opening for an African-American director ever.

In January, Kendrick Lamar posted what is now the most-retweeted Black Panther tweet ever when he shared the track list to the film’s soundtrack, which he curated and produced.

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