Watching Lupe Fiasco trash ‘Black Panther’ proves his cookout invite is revoked

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Lupe Fiasco is living up to his last name of being a complete failure to the culture once again.

This time he’s slamming the massive hit movie Black Panther, reports Atlanta Black Star, saying it’s an average movie that black folks are getting too turned up about.

Despite the fact that the Ryan Coogler mega-hit has been smashing records left and right, and even broke the $1 billion-dollar mark at the box office, Fiasco says the blockbuster Marvel film is basic.

“So [Black Panther] still falls in the category of being an okay film,” he stated. “I don’t think that the acting was like super amazing. Because one, I don’t think we’re used to seeing Black people on screen that much, and so when you do see a movie that’s all Black folks, this for me specifically, there’s a bias.” 

Insert my yawn here.

Fiasco claims that he’s analyzed the movie with people, and from an artistic perspective it doesn’t stand out. 

What movie did Lupe Fiasco watch?

“I’ve had conversations with people, like the super political, to kind of, you know, not so much on the artistic but close to the artistic as a pure film conversation,” Lupe Fiasco explained. “How does it stand up as a film?”

“I mean, I like ‘Black Panther.’ I don’t necessarily like film too much these days simply because I think I’m of a generation, I’m 36, so I was born in 82, and I’ve been able to see films be redone like entire genres or themes. The films be redone, so I was there for like the original ‘Ghostbusters’ and then the ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot, right? And then you get to see like all the whole cycle take place,” he added. 

Haters gonna’ hate and Fiasco has a reputation of being one. Remember when he was escorted off the stage by security in Washington, D.C. insulting President Barack Obama and performing an antiwar song during an inauguration-themed show? He also called our forever President a terrorist too. We haven’t forgotten. 

Boy Bye! 

Check out the ridiculous claims from Lupe Fiasco below:

Black Panther still making money moves

The people have spoken around the world and Black Panther is a major hit and keeps on knocking down box-office expectations. It has also made history as

Tuesday, Twitter confirmed that Marvel’s latest offering has been tweeted about more than 35 million times. That pushes it ahead of the previous record-holder, Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015); 2017’s The Last Jedi now ranks third.

–Black Panther surpasses $1 billion mark–

Black Panther is now the first film to top the box office in North America five straight weekends since Avatar in 2009, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It boasts a domestic gross of more than $607 million and $1.2 billion internationally. Within the next week, it is expected to pass 2012’s the Avengers as the all-time highest-grossing superhero film.

Black Panther’s Winston Duke speaks on becoming an Internet bae–

And in January, Kendrick Lamar posted what is now the most-retweeted Black Panther tweet ever when he shared the track list to the film’s soundtrack, which he curated and produced.