Black Twitter has questions after ‘colonizer’ snags African art curator role at Brooklyn Museum

Black Twitter wasn't feeling the colonizer vibe the Brooklyn Museum is putting out there.


The Brooklyn Museum recently announced a new addition to their African art department: a white woman. Her name is Kristen Windmuller-Luna and she has been named the Sills Family Consulting Curator of the museum’s African art department. (Early reports said a second coloniz…white person was hired for African photography, but his role is in photography in general.)

Windmuller-Luna has a thick stack of credentials from a number of prestigious institutions, buuuuut, that’s beside the point for a lot of people.

Ever since that scene in Black Panther where Killmonger schools the befuddled white curator about the African artifacts her museum had on display, people have had a more critical eye towards who guards the treasures of the African diaspora on dispaly around the world. And some folks just want it ALL back!

Black Twitter’s reaction to the new title bestowed upon this white woman? Streep it ewey! *Zuri Voice*

Let’s see how many of you mosey on over to the Brooklyn Museum with jean jackets and asymmetrical hair asking a few questions about the African art collection. Just don’t poison anybody, folks.

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