Karrine Steffans insists Columbus Short still loves her; claims he’s a bigamist

The actor was recently released form a 34-day stint behind bars.


Columbus Short continues to puzzle us.

Just days after his release from serving a 34-day prison sentence for beating his current wife, Aida Abramyan, the actor is being accused of being a bigamist by his former wife, Karrine Steffans.

The notorious author of Diaries of a Video Vixen claims she wed the ousted Scandal star in 2016 and now believes he denies their union because he was still married to Tanee McCall at the time they tied the knot.

Although Columbus Short has publicly denied he was ever married to Steffans, Page Six reports that she sent them a copy of their marriage certificate. “I’ve been silent in the press for two years, but I’m tired of all the lies they tell about me,” she told the paper.

She also revealed that he’s still checking for her and claims he sent her several love notes while serving his time behind bars. She provided receipts in the form of text messages from Short that he allegedly sent her in July, while he was dating his new wife.

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“I’ve never loved a woman other than Tanee more than loved you [sic],” and telling her he loves her.

Short also wrote to Steffans, “I wish I could just become the biggest movie star on the planet, wisk [sic] you away to another country and live our lives.”

This isn’t the first time Columbus Short and Karrine Steffans have have public problems. Two years ago, Steffans blasted him on social media for cheating on her. This message came shortly after Stefans made it clear that she was kicking him out, tweeting, “Out here f***ing everything moving, ain’t got a penny to his name and no place to live. Ni**a, bye. FOH.”

The actor responded with a lengthy apology and admission of guilt.

“Just want to say….that it’s unfortunate that way things end up. I felt truly that a woman gave me a home and a place to get my mind right,” Short said in a series of tweets. “And a place to maturate gifts that I wasn’t able to foster, without stability. I love Karin and her brilliantly talented son. But toxicity of any kind isn’t healthy for anyone. I’ve been working hard to bring you guys quality movies, music and art. And that’s exactly what will continue to happen. How could you not love a woman who took you in a broken place and allow you to heal. I’m thankful for the journey and it ain’t the first time I’ve been homeless. But will definitely be the last!! When it’s all said and done stand strong stand tall and most of all UNBROKEN……If I’m still standing you have no excuse! ” he wrote.

Short’s current wife is also his publicist and she is denying her husband/client is a two-timer.

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Upon his release from jail, he shared a sweet photo with the son he shares with Aida. “DADDIES HOME and back to the things that matter most. No matter the lies or rumors that got thrown out there. Its a blessing to be home to the TRUTH. #BackToBasics #GodIsAble,” he posted.