Marina Big

Martina Big, a white woman from Germany, has been a social media lightening rod for quite some time as she has documented her “transition” into becoming a Black woman, but her latest claim to be a “true African” is a stretch even for her.

After getting breast enhancements that brought her up to an astounding 32-S, Big used melanin injections to literally turn her skin brown. Basically, next level Black face. She went from a pale, blonde-haired flight attendant to a brown-skinned “model” with a kinky weave.

She has said in interviews that she truly feels she is a Black woman. Big took that feeling to the next level when she flew to Kenya to get baptized.

“One of my Kenyan friends told her pastor about my transformation to a Black woman and told him how much I wanted to become a true African woman,” Big said to the Daily Mail.

Big posted a video of the 6-minute ceremony that she titled “My baptism to a real African woman.” In the video, Big is kneeling in a white robe as a Black male officiant speaks over her. At one point, he pours some bottled water over Big’s face as she cries for no reason.

I’m assuming Big did not do the traditional fully immersed baptism because she didn’t want to get the kinky weave wet. She claims that her natural hair texture has become kinkier since she has been wearing the coily weaves. Okay, girl.

After the baptism, Big was given the Swahili name Malaika Kubwa, which allegedly translates to “big angel.” I hope on everything that the local villagers lied to her and it translates into something more like “Delusional white woman who gave us money.”

Martina Big

Big has posted several pictures on Facebook smiling with Keynans in the villages where she was traveling. (Kenyans, you have some explaining to do. Lupita, get your folks.)

I write this in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, but it is actually infuriating for Black women aesthetics to be stolen, co-opted, and monetized by “others” time and time again while Black women continue to be at the bottom of the heap in nearly every major socio-economic category.

–Kardashian family furious at Tristan Thompson for cheating on Khloe (Especially Kim!)–

Normally, I would tell Martina Big, Rachel Dolezal, Sabrina Claudio (who I didn’t know existed until a few days ago) and everyone like them to go find an empty stadium and dutifully sit in each seat. But that’s too easy.

Stop playin’ and pay us! Instead of finding a seat, they need to find Black women on money transfer apps and get those dollars flowing in the right direction. Every time they capitalize off of our Black girl cool/looks/labor/intelligence, they have to come up off the dough. #YouOweBlackWomen

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