Charlamagne tha God speaks on upcoming Kanye West albums

The popular radio host hints at the return of a more social conscious tone to the music

(Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for BET)

As Kanye West gears up to drop his new album, it seems from his recent Twitter outbursts that he’s got a lot on his mind. But when it comes to the notoriously unpredictable artist, it’s really anyone’s guess what it all means.

Music industry insider, radio host and personality Charlamagne tha God offered some clues about what we may expect from Yeezy’s highly anticipated, upcoming seven-track album, reports Complex:

 “I think it’s similar to, like, ‘socially conscious’ Ye—‘message’ Ye,” he said on the Brilliant Idiots podcast.

 “[…] You know, like on Pablo he had like ‘Real Friends’; that shit was about something. It was about fake friends and who you’re real friends are. He’s on that vibe. He’s talking about real shit. Not to say he don’t always rap about real shit.”

Pulling Back the Curtains

Kanye’s been through some things – from taking a break and having a mental breakdown on his tour to seeking help for depression and anxiety. Charlamagne said Yeezy’s ready for his big return.

“He’s in a very good space,” he said. “[…] We talked about all of that—meds, and everything.”

“I just hope he talks soon. I don’t actually know if he’s on meds. We were just having discussions about all of that,” he explained.

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While West has been the butt of many jokes on social media, Charlamagne said he’s gained more understanding into Yeezy’s real-life issues.

 “[…] A lot of things that we saw Kanye going through, we kind of laughed at it—not laugh at it, but he’s an entertainer, so you don’t take it as serious […] There’s a lot of things we don’t take into consideration.”

Kanye’s been offline for several months and now he’s back and oozing his mental eccentricity all over social media.

When The Barrier Breaks

We are witnessing a literal explosion of ideas and emotions on his West’s Twitter timeline with the artist working overtime tweeting up a storm and dropping knowledge bombs about learning how to just be himself to cultivating his own fashion sense.

West said his album is merely seven songs. He tweeted a date, “June 1st.” Then tweeted another date “me and Cudi album June 8th.”

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“It’s called Kids See Ghost. That’s the name of our group,” he tweeted.

West filed a trademark application for “Kids See Ghost” last year. It includes everything from merchandise to films and streaming TV shows.

How Much Can We Take

Charlemagne also discussed the other albums G.O.O.D. Music has coming out. West announced Teyana Taylor will be releasing an album June 22 and Pusha T’s album is dropping May 25.

Charlamagne hopes that Taylor will see big success when her album drops. He described the Taylor’s album as “phenomenal.”

“I’ve always felt like Teyana was a superstar,” he said. “[…] But for whatever reason her music has never really connected. But Kanye produced her whole album […] It’s really dope.”

Fingers crossed.