Lil Wayne isn’t here for bottles tossed on stage at concerts

The rapper isn't feeling stage littering from fans and was willing to...take those who did it

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Lil Wayne is fed up with concert-goers throwing bottles, because to him, those are fighting words.

The rapper has had to make that clear twice in the last month to fans who think his performance stage doubles as a recycling bin. On Saturday, while on the mic at the Cannabis Cup at NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, Calif., he let the crowd know tossing bottles wasn’t even cool.

“I got New Orleans people with me and all they know how to throw back is shoot. They’ll just shoot.” The venue, however, did not intervene after the threat, according to TMZ, and the show continued.

This was a repeat of Weezy having to do the same while onstage in Sydney last month, Australia, Complex reports.

What you’re not gonna do…

“OK, so let me let you know,” he told the crowd. “Where I’m from, I think y’all know that’s the states, we don’t throw shit onstage because all my n***as got pistols and they don’t know who to shoot at. So if you throw something else, I’m gonna be more safe and I’mma be the bigger person and just leave, because I don’t wanna kill everybody.”

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Today, Complex shared an ad with a more laid-back Wayne chillin’ with Bumbu’s new rum drink in hand, repping the brand as an ambassador while chilling with GOATs. Well, let the video explain.

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It seems that Wayne is carving out a new niche for himself since TMZ reports, that not every show of his has been going all that well.

Wayne is still tied up in a financial mess with Birdman and Cash Money. The relationship between Wayne and Cash Money Records has been rocky lately with Wayne suing the company for $51 million.