Mom dragged by school bus after confrontation with driver

Amanda Taylor says she was simply trying to address her child's school bus driver when the confrontation escalated

WSB-TV Screenshot

A Georgia mom is furious and wants a school bus driver reprimanded after she was caught in the bus doors and dragged after confronting the driver about her child.

Amanda Taylor recorded a cellphone video of an interaction with a Dekalb County school bus driver. Taylor said she wanted to talk with the driver about an incident involving her 9-year-old daughter. Instead, she said, she feared for her life after being dragged several yards from the bus stop with her body stuck between the doors, reports WSBTV.

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The mother said the incident started out as a talk between herself and the school bus driver, but soon turned into an altercation leaving her trapped.

“I’m yelling, ‘Are you serious? I’m recording you,” Taylor said. “And she’s driving.”

She said she could not break free.

Taylor claims she wanted to confront the driver about speaking rudely to her child but the driver tried to avoid talking to her about the situation.

The Dekalb County school district was given the video by the news station and responded:

“The images in the video are disturbing, completely inappropriate and do not reflect a productive interaction between a parent and an employee. We expect disagreements to be addressed respectfully and not to the detriment of students.”

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Taylor wants the driver reprimanded but the district hasn’t taken action just yet.

“What really hurts me is that they still have her driving the bus,” Taylor said.  She also said she’s made complaints about the driver and others in the past, but to no avail.

Taylor posted the video online but many are questioning if the parent took the right approach to resolve the issue. But Taylor said she never intended to get into a confrontation.

“My intent, my whole purpose was to catch her in a lie,” Taylor said.

“I never stepped onto the bus. I never threatened her in any way,” Taylor said. “I simply tried to talk to the bus driver.” She said she has filed a report with police and intends to press charges.