Lawyer defends woman at center of Alpha Kappa Alpha sex scandal: ‘She’s not a pimp’


Stories have been swirling about Alecia Johnson, the woman at the center of the Fort Valley State University Alpha Kappa Alpha scandal, and her attorney Adrian Patrick is ready to set the record straight.

“She’s not a pimp, and she’s not a madam. None of that,” Patrick told WSBTV News in Atlanta. “She’s not guilty. She did not do anything.”

University employee at center of shocking Alpha Kappa Alpha sex scandal resigns

In the wake of a shocking sex scandal investigation that has rocked the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority on the campus of the historically Black college, Johnson stepped down as the president’s executive assistant. Johnson was a graduate member of the sorority and is reportedly being blamed for allegedly being engaged in a prostitution ring involving other members of the sorority.

WSBTV revealed that the university president’s former executive assistant Alecia Johnson is the employee at the center of the storm and Johnson resigned from her job.

The resignation letter, dated April 18, addressed University President Dr. Paul Jones:

“Greetings Dr. Jones, I find it best under the circumstances to render my resignation, effective immediately. Please have my personal belongings packed and mailed to the address listed or I can have someone pick them up next week.”

“I just think that’s incredulous,” Patrick said. “I mean, I know people want to be in a sorority. I got that part. I just don’t think you’re going to sell your body. Plus, it’s inconsistent with the reputation of Alpha Kappa Alpha.”

There is no official confirmation that the investigation into the Alpha Kappa Alpha chapter is about hazing or sexual abuse claims—only that there is an ongoing investigation into sexual misconduct. And because of that, Patrick said he would not have allowed his client to resign.

“As soon as I got on the case, I said that, she should not have done it because my position is you’re innocent in this situation,” Patrick said. “Your resignation will be [turned] to make it seem as if you’re guilty of something.”

Patrick also said Johnson has not been charged with anything.

“At this point we’re ready to go forward,” said Patrick. “We just don’t know what to go forward on.”

Social media is buzzing with talk about the scandalous allegations involving Alpha Kappa Alpha.

“I think what we need to do is look at the original accusation, the accuser or accusers and question their credibility and then at that point we’ll get a better answer in this case,” Patrick said.

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