Michelle Obama is adorable dancing alongside Jussie Smollett on College Signing Day

Hundreds of thousands of students participated nation-wide.

Former United States first lady Michelle Obama (Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Forever First Lady Michelle Obama had some encouraging words for about 8,000 students in Philadelphia on College Signing Day.

According to Philly.com, The blue-collar bred Chicago native recounted her story about how a school counselor once telling her that Ivy League schools were out of reach for her. Obama paid that counselor no mind and applied to the schools of her choice. She is now the alum of not one, but two Ivy League institutions.

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Obama told the eager crowd of high school students “There are all these people out there telling you what you can’t do.I am so proud of you all. You did just what I did. You ignored the haters.”

In addition to sharing some words of wisdom with the youth, she also shared a few dance moves with actor and singer Jussie Smollett. The Empire star shared a clip of their boogie session on Twitter with a sweet caption using the queen emoji in reference to Obama.

College Signing Day was founded by Obama in 2014 as part of the numerous education and youth focused initiatives she created during Barack Obama‘s two presidential terms. The day is meant to acknowledge and encourage young people who are about to attend not only college, but also trade schools and the military.

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There is much pomp and circumstance surrounding signing day for athletics like football and basketball, so it is only right that an equal amount of excitement surrounds the time that young people make non-sports related decisions about their futures.

According to Better Make Room, there were 2,000 College Signing Day events taking place all across the country with hundreds of thousands of participating students.