True Crime: Mother lashes out at in court at kidnapper who stole her baby 20 years ago

Kamiyah Mobley was stolen from her mother 20 years ago

Devastated and visibly shaken, Shanara Mobley came face to face in court with the biological daughter who was stolen as a newborn from a Florida hospital and the woman who kidnapped her. She made an emotional plea for her daughter Kamiyah’s acceptance yelling out, “’I am your mother!”

The New York Daily News reports, Mobley is the mother of Kamiyah Mobley, who was taken from her in 1997 from Gloria Williams who pretended to be a hospital nurse. Williams pleaded guilty and now faces up to 22 years for the kidnapping.

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Mobley wants the book thrown at the lying nurse who has cost her years of pain and anguish and she pleaded with the judge to have no mercy and sentence Williams to death.

But Kamiyah still strongly defends the kidnapper after finding out she’s not her birth mother. She posted on social media a message saying:

“My mother raised me with everything I needed and most of all everything I wanted,” said Kamiyah whose name was changed to Alexis Manigo. “My mother is no felon.”

Mobley said Williams took advantage of her because she was a young teenage mom who gave birth.

“She preyed on a child with a baby. We wouldn’t be here right now if I was a grown woman. Because I was young she came in and preyed on a child,” Mobley said.

Mobley cried in court several times and opened up about her struggles after her daughter was stolen.

“Thinking about suicide every day, people watching me all day every day, no one was leaving me unattended,” she said about the months following the kidnapping.

Kamiyah learned the truth when she tried to get a driver’s license with an invalid birth certificate. An investigation into the matter ensued and Kamiyah’s DNA was connected to Williams.

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