GIRL, BYE: Watch Wendy Williams shed tears over R. Kelly

The talk show host has compassion for the singer accused of abusing several women.

Wendy Williams is known for speaking her mind and calling out celebrities on their BS, so you can imagine our surprise when she shed tears over accused rapist, R. Kelly, during her show on Monday.

Wendy was brought to tears when she discussed the fact that R. Kelly is illiterate and seemed to blame his parents and his handlers for keeping him ignorant.

“It has long been said but he actually did admit this to me…I was shocked that he actually admitted this to me. He can’t read, he can’t write, and he can’t add. I won’t tell you what he said about how he maneuvers through the world and things like that but the idea that people are surrounding you and someone wouldn’t put you in school…,” she said.

“I can’t understand not knowing how to read, write, or add and I don’t understand parents who unleash their kids—that’s it,” she said before busting out the ugly cry.

It’s unclear if she was referring to R. Kelly’s parents “unleashing” him into the world without a basic education or if she was blaming his alleged victims’ parents for letting them run off with the singer, but either way, we’re side-eyeing.

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Last we checked, a multi-millionaire is fully capable of getting a tutor, a teacher, or ANYBODY to teach him how to read, write, and master simple mathematics if he was so inclined. Is she expecting us to believe HE is the victim in all this? What about the countless black girls whose lives has been ruined by his alleged actions?

We can’t help but wonder why Wendy Williams has so much compassion for R. Kelly considering the numerous allegations of sexual, mental, emotional, and physical assault levied against him throughout his career.

Check out the clip: