Black Navy vet brutally beaten and called racial slurs by four white security guards

Navy vet assaulted at Dallas strip club

A Navy veteran said he was brutally attacked by four white security guards at a Dallas strip club.

Jalen Bell posted gruesome images on social media showing the horrific and bloody beatdown he endured at the hands of the men who he said called him the n-word and left him with life-threatening injuries.

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The security guards worked at the XTC Cabaret where Bell said he was hanging out with a friend before the incident occurred.

On Facebook Bell wrote that he put a drink down in a section where the men were. When he returned to retrieve his drink, one of the men put a cigarette out in it. They exchanged words and then bell said, he and his friend decided to leave in an effort to de-escalate the situation.

But once he reached the door to leave, it was too late because the security guards were waiting at the exit and beat them without cause and “like animals,” the Facebook post said.

“They punched, stomped and grabbed my throat with such force I felt my trachea beginning to snap,” Bell wrote in a emotional Facebook post. “They cracked my ribs and injured my eyes, jaw and back.”

Philadelphia lawyer Lee Merritt, who is representing a woman who is suing singer R. Kelly, is also representing Bell and said he will hold a press conference Wednesday.

Bell’s post continued, “After they were done they just kicked us out and went on with business as usual. I am a U.S. Navy Veteran and I understand sometimes people do terrible things for no reason at all. But we live in a country of laws. These men attacked me and my friend because they could. We were Black and vulnerable and they don’t believe that the law will have any consequences for them. This is not ok. Share this and help me demand these men be prosecuted and this club is held accountable.”

“Jalen Bell and his companion did nothing to warrant this violent attack which we believe was motivated by racial animus,” said Merritt in a statement. “Mr. Bell honorably served this country as a member of the US Navy and has earned every protection and benefit of a full citizen of this country regardless of race.”

Jalen Bell and a companion, were violently attacked by group of white security guards. (Photo courtesy of S. Lee Merritt.)

After the assault, Bell immediately filed a police report with the Dallas Police Department and sought medical treatment for
his injuries. He suffered a cracked rib, injured eye socket, fractured jaw and injured back.

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