EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Destiny gushes over “selfless” boyfriend, Keith Powers

We got the scoop on what makes their relationship work.

As the star of STAR, Ryan Destiny is good at playing it cool while surrounded by famous faces, but the actress couldn’t stop herself from blushing when our host, Cherise Nicole, brought up her real-life love interest, Keith Powers.

TheGrio sat down with the talented triple threat to find out how she and her bae got together and what makes their high-profile romance work.

Her handsome boyfriend, Keith Powers, is the actor who played Ronnie DeVoe in BET’s super successful biopic, The New Edition Story and is currently starring on Freeform’s, Famous In Love.

“It’s amazing being in a relationship that happened so naturally. I didn’t want something; I wasn’t looking for anything,” she says. “I was literally just living my life and having fun and we would just run into each other and things would just happen very naturally and very organically and I’m glad it did. We’re very happy.”

The couple’s happiness is on full display if you follow either of them on Instagram, but they’re certainly not the bragging type.

Although fans love to speculate about their relationship status, Ryan Destiny isn’t too concerned about the public’s perception of her love life.

“We’re just having fun together, being young together. It’s just going really good and a lot of people like it, I guess.”

While her character, Alexandra Crane, is in the midst of a relationship with another entertainer on that’s more about publicity than genuine love on STAR, Destiny makes it clear that her relationship with Powers in the real thing.

“I saw a lot of people sit there and say, ‘She’s doing the same thing Alex is doing’ but… no.”

According to Ryan Destiny, the key to making her relationship work is refusing to overthink it.

“I’m learning just like the next person. It’s a just a ride you have to take and not be afraid of. Just live life and don’t put too much pressure on it,” she explains. “I think that’s when it becomes a lot less of a thing and at least for me, personally, when I feel things have pressure on them, I just kind of back away from it. I’m just like, I can’t deal with it and it’s not fun for me anymore.”

She also offered advice we all could use when it comes to our own relationships.

“Just live and just go through it and spend those moments together that are happy. You’re gonna have ups and downs of course, but just live in the moment. That’s what I’m doing.”

When it came time to tell us whether favorite qualities about her super sexy man are, Destiny grinned from ear to ear.

Check out the video above to find out what she loves most about her bae.

Can you say #RelationshipGoals?

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