Cardi B explains what led to mall fight with fan and why she doesn’t owe us her autograph

Cardi B wants fans to respect her boundaries.

Cardi B mall fight video

Cardi B is used to winning but she seems to be having a pretty tough week.

After beefing with Azealia Banks and catching major heat for her verse on Rita Ora‘s track, “Girls,” the rapper has more drama to deal with.

This week, video surfaced showing a very pregnant Cardi B in an altercation with a fan at a shopping mall in Las Vegas last month and now she’s setting the record straight on what really went down.

The clip shows Cardi B yelling at a woman through a store’s glass window with security standing between her and a couple of fans screaming obscenities at the star.

The “Bodak yellow” rapper tweeted, then deleted her explanation about the fight that she says was kicked off by an autograph-seeking fan who got angry when she refused to sign her name. She insists he and his friends followed her to the store to harass her for refusing their humble request.

“I was walking to the store and the man asked for a picture and I said no! Then he took out his phone, got next to me, and my security told him, ‘She said no!’ Then the guy and his girl started calling me a wack a** b*tch so I started barking,” she posted. “I walked all the way to the store and they still followed me trying to argue with me…If I respectfully told you I don’t want to take a picture, your drunk ass shouldn’t get close to me and disrespect my decisions, space or privacy.”

When a follower responded to her now-deleted posts and said she never stops to sign autographs for fans, Cardi B reiterated her point of view.

“I always take pictures with fans. If I don’t have no makeup, in a rush, not in the mood, I’m not obligated and not everybody is YOUR FAN. Clearly,” she replied.

It looks like the expectant mom is tired of the constant Invasion Of Privacy from her fans.

With her first baby in her growing belly, can we really blame her?