Candace Owens, the controversial right-wing disciple who made fast friends with Kanye West and Donald Trump, was reportedly roasting the President about his penis size just a few years ago.

BuzzFeed reports that the staunch conservative and vocal Black Lives Matter opponent was actually a former Trump detractor.

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This comes as a surprise to many since the 26-year-old is currently riding high on the Trump bandwagon.

But will the fact that Owens was once the CEO of Degree180, an online publication with anti-Trump messaging cause her to fall out of favor with the MAGA crowd?

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we try to hide the Trump-hating receipts.

Even though the Degree180 website has been deleted, BuzzFeed dug into the internet archives and found that besides a story which determined that Trump’s penis was “likely very small,” a 2015 column for the site said it was “good news” that the “Republican Tea Party … “will eventually die off (peacefully in their sleep, we hope).”

According to BuzzFeed other stories unearthed include:

  • “A December 2015 story, “Serious Question: Is Donald Trump a Social Experiment?” the site’s editor, Zoe Weiner, wrote of Trump’s now-notorious pledge to end Muslim immigration to the US, “You guys remember Nazi Germany, right.
  • A post “Thank You Letter to Donald Trump” in April 2016, one contributor to the site wrote: “The idea of you being my future President makes my skin crawl, but you did provide me with a new sense of political awareness.”


  • A March 1, 2016, article explained that even though Trump was married to an immigrant, he could still be racist.


  • A March 18, 2016, article titled “Does Donald Trump Actually Have a Small Penis?” concluded that “Donald Trump most likely has a penis the size of an infant. … Hitler is the one guy that comes to mind that may have topped him.”

The anti-Trump sentiments are a far cry from what Owens stands for now as the new face of the alt-right who was hired by the conservative campus advocacy group Turning Point USA.

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