WATCH: Tichina Arnold and Cedric the Entertainer welcome white folks to the neighborhood in new sitcom

Tichina Arnold and Cedric the Entertainer star in The Neighborhood

Where Black-ish centers on a black family living large in a white neighborhood, a new CBS comedy called The Neighborhood flips the script when a white family moves smack dab into a Black neighborhood .

Shadow and Act premiered the new trailer for the show, which stars comedian Cedric the Entertainer and Martin and Everybody Hates Chris alum Tichina Arnold. It looks like it will offer perspective from the black side as Cedric’s character, Calvin Butler, isn’t too keen on having white neighbors, the Johnsons, disrupt the culture on the block.

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According to the storyline, the Johnsons moved from a small town in Michigan and welcome the idea of living in a diverse community.

Cedric’s character, on the other hand, is pretty outspoken and comes off as that cranky old-school uncle who will say just about anything before you have to nudge him and give him the evil eye for an his ill-timed, politically incorrect rant.

Hold the kitchen table talk for when the neighbors aren’t around Unc!

Even with cultural differences that make them uneasy – the Johnsons get invited to a barbecue! And y’all know we hold tight to those cookout invites, right?

The trailer looks like it will deliver a lot of relatable laughs.

The official description: “Here’s a comedy about what happens when the friendliest guy in the Midwest moves his family (the Johnsons) to a neighborhood in Los Angeles where not everyone looks like him – or appreciates his extreme neighborliness. Cedric the Entertainer stars as, the Johnsons’ opinionated next-door neighbor, who is wary of the newcomers, and certain that the Johnsons will disrupt the culture on the block.” 

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Watch the trailer below. 

The Neighborhood will air on Mondays this fall on CBS.