La Cucaracha: Mariachi Band Delivers Epic Clapback To Racist Lawyer

We’re willing to bet racist lawyer Aaron Schlossberg didn’t expect to see a mariachi band protesting outside his home Friday.

In case you missed it, Schlossberg was caught on camera spewing hate toward Spanish-speaking employees at a sandwich shop earlier this week.

In the viral video, the Midtown lawyer can be seen and heard berating two women and threatening to call immigration police to have them deported.

“If they have the balls to come here and live off of my money — I pay for their welfare, I pay for their ability to be here — the least they can do is speak English,” he yelled.

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As a direct response, over 100 people made their way over to Schlossberg’s home on West 60th Street to chant, “Ole, Ole! Throw him out!” and chow down on free tacos.

“We’re basically clapping back at this fool,” 40-year-old electrical engineer Chris Thompson told the New York Post. “[It’s] ridiculous! This is a multilingual city. He should expect to hear different languages.”

“Without the Latinos there wouldn’t be a hospitality industry [in New York.] How dare this mother f—ker. How dare he? He should be disbarred,” added protester Stratis Morfogen.

Millennials for Revolution, a social justice group, raised nearly $1,100 through a GoFundMe page to able to send the mariachi band and taco truck to the protest.

Donning silver and black suits, the band showed up with trumpets, violins and an acoustic guitar and played the song “La Cucaracha,” which in English translates to “The Cockroach.”

Schlossberg was reportedly kicked out of his Madison Avenue office space Thursday. A New York congressman filed a formal complaint against the 44-year-old lawyer after the video went viral.