Another #DrivingWhileBlack incident in Kansas, but this time over ‘vegetation’

A driver is suspected of possessing what cops thinks is marijuana, but really isn't. He still gets the #DWB treatment

Facebook (Rudy Samuels)

A Black man driving through Winfield, Kan., was stopped by cops and had his car searched because they wanted to test “vegetation” they found on his windshield.

Rudy Samuel started recording a Facebook Live after cops pulled him over for allegedly failing to signal a turn, reports The Wichita Eagle. But what police found was nothing more than a tree branch, Samuel said but the cops detained him and said they needed to test it.

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Samuel, realizing that he was being accused of carrying weed, said he told the cop that he didn’t use marijuana. However, Samuel said the cop didn’t test the tree and instead ordered him out of his vehicle.

Samuel said he asked the officer to test the vegetation first, but he refused.

“I’ll test it here in a little bit, OK, I ain’t got to test it right now,” the officer replied.

The video shows the cop aggressively removing Samuel from the vehicle. Samuel questioned why he had to get out. Then the officer tells Samuel that he would search his vehicle. Samuel refused to give the officer consent and he then informed him that he had a legal firearm in his vehicle.

That’s when the video stopped because the officer shut off Samuel’s phone, he said.

“Yea straight stereotyped me he grab[bed] my phone I told him he better get a warrant for it so he powered it off,” Samuel wrote on Facebook.

Winfield’s police Chief Brett Stone says the encounter is under investigation.

Samuel was eventually released with a warning and no drugs were found.

Not the first time

A similar incident happened to a 65-year-old Georgia woman after disturbing dashcam footage showed police dragging the elderly woman from her car during a routine traffic stop.

Rose Campbell, was reportedly pulled over and issued a ticket for failure to maintain her lane, according to WSB-TV. But when Campbell refused to sign the ticket, which is against the law in Georgia, Officer Michael Swerdlove told her she was under arrest.

Things escalated when an officer aggressively began screaming and cursing at Campbell. He then can be seen grabbing Campbell and trying to pull her out of her vehicle.

“You’re not in charge, shut up and get the f— out of the car!” he’s heard saying on the video.

Rose Campbell can be heard crying out for help from a supervisor.

That incident is still under investigation. See the video below.

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