Black tourists kicked out of KFC for being ‘too loud’

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Amid a whirlwind of incidents in which Black people have been targeted for doing absolutely nothing, including using a Starbucks restroom and sleeping in the common room area at Yale University, the latest drama took place at a KFC restaurant in Berlin, Germany.

Last Thursday, a group of Black tourists from the U.K. were enjoying a vacation in Germany’s capital Berlin when they stopped inside a KFC restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat. That is, until the police showed up after an employee called and complained that the group was being “disruptive” and laughing “too loud,” as reported by Raw Story.

Police called in

“A group of eight people refused to leave the store. They had thrown around food and insulted employees,” said a spokesperson for Berlin’s police department in a statement Thursday, according to the Washington Post.

Kelon Pierre, one of the tourists in the group, confirmed an argument with the managed happened, but insists that food was never thrown.

“Other guests around us also talked and laughed. That is why I wanted to know: Why are you only talking to us?” Pierre told the Deutsche Welle.“We were the only Black people in the restaurant and the only ones who were asked to be quieter.”

A video was recorded and uploaded a video documenting the incident. Once the group of tourists leave the restaurant, the police officers can be heard saying, “Nobody goes home. I want the passport of everybody,” before adding “you will be searched.”

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KFC is standing by their decision to remove the paying customers. “After futile attempts to resolve the situation, he believed he was forced to contact the police in order to ensure protection of the staff and guests,” the company said in a statement. “The wellbeing of our guest is our highest priority. We sharply reject any allegations of discrimination and distance ourselves from any form of racism.”

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Watch the video for yourself below