Thief sues for $2.7 million after being shot while robbing liquor store

Shawn Harris
Shawn Harris got caught leaving the store only to be shot by the owner. He is now suing for damages.

A New York man who got busted and shot for stealing alcohol is now whining and wants the liquor-store owner to shell out $2.7 million for his wounds.

Shawn Harris is taking aim and suing the Long Island store owner who bust a cap in him as he committed the petty crime, reports the New York Post.

The thief is also boldly defending himself in court and provided a typed lawsuit from a cellphone in jail asking for the outrageous amount.

Harris, who apparently can’t spell well or rob a store right, wrote: “I want to be compusated [sic] 2.7 million dollars for my injuries.”

He explains that he started his robbing spree in the “Hennesey [sic] and Patron section.”

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Harris said he then “removed 4 bottles of liquor and I put 2 bottles in my pants and walked to pay for the other 2 bottles and [the store owner] asked for I.D. and I told him I need to go to the car and get my I.D. and I went outside and Dropped the 2 Bottles,” he wrote.

Harris said he and two accomplices then tried to steal another two bottles of liquor from the store in Baldwin, LI. That’s when the store owner, fed up with the foolishness, followed the men outside.

“We was followed outside and the store owner pulled out a handgun and stated give me the bottles back,” Harris wrote in the Brooklyn federal-court lawsuit he filed from the Nassau County Correctional Center.

A struggle between Harris and the store owner ensued. He said the store owner tried to grab his car keys from the ignition before the gun blast.

“During this the store owner shoots my friend and he confronted me outside the car and shot me also and I ran off,” Harris wrote.

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“I was shot by Lan Dong Dong in my right shoulder and I did not receive medical treatment because I was scared of Getting Arrested . . . so I did my own medical treatment.”

But the bizarre tale gets even more twisted. Harris got his facts wrong and is suing the wrong man and the wrong store.

Harris actually robbed a store called Newbridge Wine & Liquors in North Bellmore, Long Island—not Grapes & Grains, which he notes in his lawsuit. Also,  Harris names Lan Dong Dong as the owner who shot him, but Dong says it wasn’t him, according to reports.

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Dong who does own Grapes & Grains, did hear about the other robbery but said he wasn’t involved.

“I don’t know how he got my name and store name,” Dong told The Post.

There’s no word on whether Harris was drunk in the midst of getting caught red-handed with the Cognac.