Wendy Wilson

To the rest of the world, she was the "Queen of Soul" but to residents in her hometown of Detroit who followed her more than 50-year career, she was simply "Aretha."
If any of you who are reading are responsible for culling a lineup for an Aretha Franklin tribute, please consider this list of hopefuls.
At a time when Black women find ourselves under fire and scrutiny in the media, we should all pause and reflect on the great legacy of our dearly departed sister, Aretha Franklin.
Over the years, journalist Ed Gordon got to know Aretha Franklin who was always gracious and down to earth, but never let you forget she was the Queen.
Nicki MINAJ unfortunately continues to subscribe to some of the worst parts of rap music, and working with problematic artists despite her fan base being largely queer and women.
The President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin speaks to theGrio about his chances as polls open today for primary elections in Wisconsin.
Rep. Keith Ellison has denied an allegation of physical abuse from an ex-girlfriend just days before a Tuesday primary in which the congressman is running for state attorney general.
Former Florida police chief Raimundo Atesiano is accused of ordering his officers to trump up charges against innocent Black men so that his department could maintain an impressive record.
A family is frantically searching for a missing 19-year-old Black Phoenix woman who disappeared without a trace.
Here are just a few options for organizing a girlfriend getaway to get you and your girls well on your way.
Black monuments have to be a part of the conversation about preservation especially, since these pieces of our history can be used as tools to create healing, education and reconciliation.
Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Rayne Dakota “Dak” Prescott, stood proudly during the national anthem much to the delight of his team's owner, Jerry Jones.
Philadelphia rapper, Meek Mill is a voice for prison reform, but also plans to help those who are wrongfully incarcerated.
The Common App's change will help to low-income students of color, who are disproportionately likely to have been convicted of a crime.
Carla Spalding is the Republican candidate for Florida House District 23 who supports Donald Trump.
Uber, Lyft and AirBnB are preparing for the white nationalist rally Sunday to mark the first anniversary of the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” protest.
Mayor Nikuyah Walker is tasked with helping to lead her city to a place of hope and healing and explains what needs to happen before getting there.
A severely disabled Georgia boy who authorities say was kidnapped by his father and marked for an exorcism was found buried at the ramshackle compound in the New Mexico desert.
Ketchazo Paho alleges that he was assaulted with a bicycle lock by Maxim Smith who yelled racial slurs at him.
TUSKEGEE, Ala. (AP) — In 1906, when aging, white Confederate veterans of the Civil War and black ex-slaves still lived on the old plantations of the Deep South, two very different celebrations were afoot in this city known even...