Wendy Wilson

The couple were said to be all booed up at Coachella.
Two white college students are caught yelling vulgar, racist, obscenities in two separate videos that have now gone viral.
If you don't know about the hot new digital series, "Giants", then take a few minutes to get in the know.
Don’t let the tailored blue suit and poker face fool you.
In a weird turn of events, West proclaimed his love for President Donald Trump.
  Awww! The Obamas are already planning a royal pajama party at Kensington Palace to meet Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s newest bundle of joy. Uncle Barack and Auntie Michelle sent their well wishes to the new, still unnamed, baby boy after...
Rapper Meek Mill, who has been jailed following multiple probation violations, has been ordered released from prison.
Cuba takes leaps toward diversity and moves away from its white dominated legacy.
  Lezley McSpadden, the mother of slain Ferguson, Missouri, teen Michael Brown, is gearing up to be the change she wants to see. McSpadden announced that she will run for Ferguson City Council at an Institute of Politics panel discussion at Harvard University on Monday night, reports...
Is R. Kelly’s behavior as contemptible as it appears or is there another reason why he has been able o avoid justice for years?
Beyonce's second performance at the Coachella Festival receives another round of rave reviews.
She obviously hasn’t heard about the Headly family on In Living Color.
Let Becky with the bad intentions simmer in her hate like the coffee she once brewed.
The twists and turns (murder, sex, filthy politics, and more murder) on the Shonda Rhimes show.
Police are searching for answers after a chilling video surfaced of a Shreveport woman begging for her life.
This week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will expose his underbelly to Congress…twice. Today, he will stand before the Senate and tomorrow the House to answer questions regarding the admission that Facebook participated in the third-party harvest of the personal data of nearly...