Wendy Wilson

In recent days, Deval Patrick has had several conversations about gauging interest in a run for President and assessing donors and Democratic operatives.
Bosco Ntaganda was sentenced to 30 years in prison on 18 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity for his role as a military commander during a bloody ethnic conflict in Congo.
Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts has revealed who she will support as the next President of the United States.

Democrats take full control of the Virginia legislature for the first time in more than two decades, but the governor's race in Kentucky is still undecided.
Over 100,000 people have signed a petition for a stay on the execution of Texas death row inmate Rodney Reed, including several high profile celebrities.
Famed civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump has a new book that explains why he has devoted the balance of his legal career to fighting the injustices of racism and how we as a country can finally end it.

Former Texas congressman Beto O'Rourke announces that he is ending his Democratic bid for the 2020 presidential campaign.
The U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee is about to consider legislation that has not fully understood the impact of what it means to impose a 36 percent interest rate cap on the African American community.
A vote by the NCAA Board of Governors confirms that college athletes can now receive compensation for their likeness and names

Curtis Symonds, CEO of HBCU Network, wants to educate people on the value of HBCUs while providing Black student athletes with a national platform to get the exposure they deserve.
Donald Trump steps foot on his first HBCU for the 2019 Second Step Presidential Justice Forum to talk about incarceration, education and employment opportunities, primarily in African American communities.
Willie Brown is said to have impacted nearly every player who suited up for the Oakland Raiders over the past half-century.
Psychologist and social researcher, Katherine Giscombe believes it's past time world leaders, policy makers and CEOs pick a side against Donald Trump's racist rhetoric.
President Donald Trump injected racial overtones into the House impeachment inquiry Tuesday by comparing the Democratic-led investigation into his handling of U.S. policy toward Ukraine to a "lynching."
TheGrio was on hand at New York Comic Con this year to find and celebrate the glory of Black nerds through cosplayers, comic book creators, photographers and publishers to better understand this culture.
Several celebrities, politicians and public figures react to the sudden death of Baltimore Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings.
Funeral plans for Atatiana Jefferson have been made public and her family has invited the public to join them in saying goodbye.
Aaron Dean is the white Fort Worth police officer who has now resigned after fatally shooting Atatiana Jefferson in her home on Saturday morning.
After loosing her brother Terence in 2017 to a fatal police shooting, Dr. Tiffany Crutcher wants to shine a light on how the Tulsa Police Department interacts with Black residents.
Susan Rice carefully details what it was like being a Black woman working in foreign policy as well as providing insight into some of the most pivotal moments of her personal life in her new memoir, "Tough Love: My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For."