Watch Drake’s 2007 film, “Us & Them,” with a surprising revelation about that controversial blackface photo

While the blackface photo scandal had Drake scrambling, the short film he referenced in his online apology has resurfaced.

Drake in blackface

While the blackface photo scandal had Drake scrambling to explain why he painted his face in the most offensive way possible, the short film he referenced in his online apology has resurfaced.

The former actor said the photo was from a short film called, “Us & Them” and explains:

“This picture is from 2007, a time in my life where I was an actor and I was working on a project that was about young Black actors struggling to get roles, being stereotyped and type cast. The photos represented how African Americans were once wrongfully portrayed in entertainment,” said Drake according to Shadow and Act.

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Drake actually did quite a bit of acting before his rap career took flight. Many fans will remember him from his days in the teen show, Degrassi Junior High, which was based out of his native Canada. However, in the 14-minutes film in question, “Us & Them, never once shows Drake in blackface or mention anything about it.

Go Figure.

Drake also goes out of his way to mention that he and fellow Degrassi co-star, Mazin Elsadig, a Sudanese actor who is also featured in “Us & Them,” and was his best friend at the time, did this in an attempt to “use our voice to bring awareness to the issues we dealt with all the time as black actors at auditions.”

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We’re still waiting to see how Drake will fight back after Pusha T’s epic diss.

Pushing all the way off the cliff

Pusha T dropped some piping hot mess when he alleged earlier this week that Drake is keeping a secret baby he had with porn star under wraps. Can we get a tweet about that?

Pusha brought all the receipts in his diss track “The Story Of Adidon,” a fire clapback in response to Drake’s ‘Duppy Freestyle’.

Pusha went for Drake’s jugular started off with Drake on the cover of Pusha’s track dressed in traditional blackface with bold, red lips, reminiscent of a minstrel show performer.

Pusha dropped these lines to prove Drake’s alleged baby and baby momma cover-up over the beats of Jay Z’s 2017 hit The Story of O.J. saying:

“Since you name-dropped my fiancée / Let ‘em know who you chose as your Beyoncé / Sophie knows better, ask your baby mother…

“Cleaned her up for IG, but the stench is on her… A baby’s involved, it’s deeper than rap / We talkin’ character, let me keep with the facts / You are hiding a child, let that boy come home / Deadbeat mothaf*cka playin’ border patrol.

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“Adonis is your son / And he deserves more than an Adidas press run, that’s real / Love that baby, respect that girl / Forget she’s a porn star, let her be your world.”

Those loaded rap lyrics include a slew of claims suggesting that the ‘Nice For What’ rapper is a dead-beat dad and hiding a kid he allegedly had with Sophie Brussaux, an adult actress who previously worked under the name Rosee Divine.

Check out all 14-minutes of “Us & Them” for yourself.