At 15, Dayonn Davis made a bad decision when a gun was used to rob a guy for a pricey pair of Nikes.

Now, two years after the robbery, the Columbus teen is paying the price and will serve five years in prison. But his family and attorney say the sentence is unfair for the first-time offender, reports the Ledger-Enquirer.

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“I don’t get that,” Judge Bobby Peters said this week during Davis’ sentencing. “Must be some valuable shoes.”

The expensive sneakers were called Nike Oreos, because of the black and white color. Davis saw the kicks on a Facebook ad and contacted the seller who had them listed for more than $100.

In January 2016, Davis and an accomplice met up with the seller in a local park, said prosecutor Sadhana Dailey. Davis asked to try on the sneakers and then said: “These shoes is took.” That’s when they allege the accomplice with Davis pulled out a pistol and everyone fled the scene.

Police were able to locate Davis and the pricey kicks were in his closet. He eventually gave up the accomplice’s name but the victim couldn’t ID the other man in a line-up.

Davis was charged as an adult but doesn’t have a prior record said, his attorney Susan Henderson.

“He’s been extremely remorseful,” she said. “He’s got his life on track now.”

Henderson argued that Davis didn’t know the accomplice would pull a gun on the victim.

Davis spoke to the Judge and pleaded his case.

“I was young at the time, so I wasn’t in my right mind,” he said. And his mom said he was hanging with the wrong crowd but was a good kid who earned A’s and B’s at Kendrick High School, before his arrest.

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But the judge showed no sympathy.

“Maybe he’s the wrong person,” the judge said of Davis. But “He’s the one with the shoes in his closet.”

Peters said Davis set up the meeting with the intent to take the shoes.

“Now a teen who had no record will go to prison – for a pair of shoes,” the judge said.