Former US Attorney General Eric Holder addresses possible 2020 run for presidency

Former Attorney General gives us hope for a 2020 presidential campaign but aforewarns of the difficult election battles ahead

Eric Holder
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Will former United States Attorney General Eric Holder run for president in 2020?

“I like challenges,” Holder told reporters Friday morning at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics’ Politics & Eggs breakfast series which is often considered an early presidential proving ground and informal vetting ritual for candidates, before adding that he’s not a “career politician.”

“I’ve been a public servant for most of my professional life. You know, I’m a person who I think is known as a guy who speaks his mind; I wonder how that would resonate, ” he said. “I’m not a career politician, never run for elected office, although I have held high positions. So these are all things that I have to take into account.”

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If Holder decides to indeed run for elected office, he’ll be running against President Donald Trump.

“Two guys from Queens — that would be interesting,” Holder said. “New Yorkers know how to talk to other New Yorkers.”

Holder also discussed the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, an organization he leads that works to reverse the effects of Republican gerrymandering, reports BuzzFeed News.

Holder anticipates a blue wave in 2018, but admits it will require a significant amount of work.

“I think it’s going to be a blue wave, but I think the Democrats should understand that that blue wave is going to be running headlong into this gerrymandered system, and the question is whether or not that wave will actually reach the shore,” said Holder.

He cited Democratic Judge Rebecca Dallet‘s recent victory in Wisconsin as proof that when addressed, the blocks can be overcome. In April, Dallet won a 10-year term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

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Although Holder told reporters he’d decide whether to run for president by the end of the year, his closing statements echoed a campaign speech in a lot of ways.

Quoting Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Holder said: “It’s not about making this country great again—this country is great. But it can be better. I think it’s time now for a new American engagement.”