OPINION: The newly redrawn district maps have made a mess of political races, exposing the infighting between the differing factions of the Democratic Party.
/ May 26, 2022
A political battle over Florida’s redrawn congressional map is bringing new attention to the issue of nationwide gerrymandering and what
/ April 19, 2022
Pennsylvania Court
WASHINGTON (AP) — In a victory for Democrats, the Supreme Court has turned away efforts from Republicans in North Carolina
/ March 8, 2022
Voting is one of the most powerful tools wielded by Black Americans during our long struggle for civil rights, justice,
/ February 16, 2022
John Bel Edwards, the governor of Louisiana, has acknowledged that several Republican-backed proposals to redraw the state’s congressional map are
/ February 15, 2022
COP26 Adaptation, Loss and Damage - Day Nine
Barack Obama is openly supporting his former vice-president, President Joe Biden, when it comes to voting rights. He recently released
/ January 13, 2022
Voters In 14 States Head To The Polls On Super Tuesday
Some Republican lawmakers are claiming that recently redrawn political maps are “race-blind” in an effort to create parity among all
/ December 29, 2021