Kay Lasante Clinic helps Haitians get healthcare they desperately need

This clinic is making a difference on the ground.

Kay Lasante
Small Forces

With so many disasters affecting so many parts of the world, it’s often hard to feel like there’s a real way to help. The Kay Lasante Clinic in Haiti is an example of the impact that can be made in communities affected by hardship and tragedy and they’re making a real difference in the lives of the people they serve.

In Haiti, quality health care is expensive and uncommon. Many Haitians do not consider health care a priority, though in reality it is a vital need. Kay Lasante provides free, high-quality health care services by Haitians, for Haitians, in Port-au-Prince.

Kay Lasante means “House of Health” in Haitian Creole. This philosophy is meant to invite the community into the facility for preventative care from Haitian health professionals who understand their daily struggles, and have benefitted from training financed by Kay Lasante. This model is unique and efficient because it leverages the power of community-supported health care without depending on international aid workers. Kay Lasante serves as a model for other institutions by providing health services with compassion, dignity, and respect for each person.

Check out this powerful video, produced pro bono by Small Forces, a Chicago-based organization dedicated to helping nonprofits reach their goals through story-telling. Their short film highlighting the work being done by Kay Lasante was a finalist at the Shorty Social Good Awards.

Started in 2004, the clinic is now a fully-operational facility that is open four days a week to provide critical services to the community. One day is dedicated to pediatric patients and there are scheduled times for walk ins as well as follow-up appointments. Whenever the clinic is open, patients are able to see a nurse for triage and check blood pressure or blood sugar levels.  The nursing staff also provides wound care, nebulizer treatments and education sessions for patients. The clinic is 100% free, including medications. The pharmacy is open whenever the clinic is open. The clinic staff also provided off-site care as needed, including home visits to care for the elderly and home bound patients.

Aside from the health care services the clinic provides, they are also intent on helping members of the community attain careers in the medical field. They pay for tuition, books, childcare, and other related expenses for locals to attend professional health programs.

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