Haiti Ad Shithole Island thegrio.com
(Photo/Verdy Verna via GoFundMe)

When President Trump referred to Haiti as a “sh**hole,” he probably didn’t expect anyone to use his own words to promote tourism. But that’s exactly what one man has set out to do with some creative ads and a GoFundMe campaign.

During an immigration meeting in the Oval Office recently, the president called Haiti, El Salvador and some African nations “sh**holes” which led to widespread backlash that came at him from all sides. Fabien Dodard, a creative director at Parkour Studio has decided to take a more lighthearted approach to Trump’s offensive remarks and is now using the words to promote a better image of Haiti.

Dodard started a GoFundMe campaign in order to create and run Haiti ads using the term “sh**hole” in America. To date, he has raised roughly $6,000 of his $40,000 goal.

The more money he raises towards the ads the more he will be able to run and he has already produced a creative with some catchy phrases that are sure to draw attention. He is also looking to run a letter to Trump in The New York Times.

Some of the mockups Dodard has designed have headlines such as, “A majestic sh**hole awaits,” “You bring the sunscreen. We bring the sh**hole” and “Our sh**hole beaches go on for days.”

It should be noted that the GoFundMe campaign for these Haiti ads is not connected to the Haitian government or their tourism agency in any way.

He has set the official fundraising goal at $40,000 but he would be more than happy to bring in more money than that to run even more ads than he currently expects to be able to afford.

Dodard said that when he first heard about the comments Trump made about his country he felt as though he and his fellow citizens were being bullied. Thinking about how that type of image could hurt the country he loves “infuriated” him.

Seeing the way other Haitians reacted on social media and the powerful images they posted made him see the possibilities when it came to changing the narrative around his country and from there his creative campaign was born.